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In Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr reign usability.

It’s good to live and how often in Alsace

this table is that is also expressed our hospitality.

Good products, simple and authentic flavors and dishes simmered long are the recipe for success of our tables.

A kitchen near people :

Alsace, culinary tradition is ancient and still driven by the same gestures. This is a kitchen of the everyday Alsatian families, passed down from generation to generation, which has been refined and perfected keeping the authenticity that characterizes and excellence in the choice of mostly local ingredients. This generous kitchen, dishes made ​​with original flavors is an Alsatian pride ingrained in Riquewihr. Find it in our restaurants, in our winstubs or served at our many festivals. Large flat or small specialty festive meal or gourmet break, salty or sweet moment when there is always a chance with us to enjoy and share a moment of conviviality.

And as they say in Alsace, E Guata! (good appetite) - One of the most gourmand kitchens of France!

The essentials :

  • Kougelhopf: symbol of Alsace with its characteristic shape, made of a raised base declined and paste version sweet and salty
  • Foie gras: can be eaten cool, cold or fried
  • Munster : soft ripened washed rind cheese that is also delicious fresh
Les Appartements de Louise, gîtes à Riquewihr
Les Appartements de Louise, gîtes à Riquewihr

You probably know :

  • the Baekeoffe: hotpot potatoes decorated with a mix of meat marinated in white wine and cooked in a terrine
  • Choucroute : shredded cabbage and potatoes served with a selection of salted and smoked meats
  • the Flammekueche or flammekueche : dough bread covered with a mixture of cream and cheese, garnished with bacon and onions. Cooked over a wood fire, it can also be topped with apple dessert

There is also to discover:

  • La Matelote : flat steaks various river fish decorated with a cream sauce and Riesling, served with noodles
  • Fleischnaka : a pasta topped with a meat stuffing, rolled and cut into slices
  • Coq au Riesling : Riesling chicken deglazed and cooked in a creamy sauce, served with spaetzle (Alsatian pasta) or noodles
Les Appartements de Louise, gîtes à Riquewihr
Les Appartements de Louise, gîtes à Riquewihr

Wine & food pairing :

Here are some advices for harmonious marriages

For the aperitif choose preferably for their fruity, a Muscat or Gewurztraminer

Pinot Gris is the perfect companion for poultry, veal, lamb and with seafood (fish, crustaceans) enjoy the freshness of a Riesling or Pinot Gris accompany your cheese, especially if they have the character of a Gewurztraminer ample bouquet

Finally, for dessert, the Grands Crus Late Harvest (Vendanges Tardives) and Selection de Grains Nobles (Gewurztraminer or Pinot Gris) are the kings of the table

(in moderation. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health).

Eaux-de-Vie :

Alsace offers a rich and inventive eaux-de-vie choices : Kirsch, damson, plum, pear Williams, raspberry …

Fruit orchards are the only raw material for the eaux-de-vie : to produce a bottle of eau-de-vie it takes 9 kg plums and 14 kg pears Williams.

Les Appartements de Louise, gîtes à Riquewihr
Les Appartements de Louise, gîtes à Riquewihr

Beer :

Another symbol of Alsace for example, La Licorne

The beer production requires essentially water and cereals (barley which once hardened starts to germinate and become malt)

Markets in the region :


• Bergheim : Monday morning (except holidays) – Place du Dr Walter

• Ostheim : Wednesday morning – Place Stork

• Riquewihr – Friday morning – Place 3 churches – the first Sunday of the month from April to October – Esplanade des Remparts

• Ribeauville Saturday morning – Town Hall Square

Regional products market

• Bennwihr : in July and August every Wednesday from 18:30 to 20:30 – Town Hall Square

Les Appartements de Louise, gîtes à Riquewihr